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Harmoney releaseinformation


2021-10-19 08:45 AM

Harmoney Release Window has been deployed.


Adjustment for ECS-1417 – Duplicate receipt numbers (Store)

Late tests show that the adjustment is not applicable if payment method is reversed.

We therfor withdraw the change from this release and continue our work to resolve it.


Harmoney Release 2021-10-19

Documentation now available


Planned Regular releases 2021

Regular release on Oct 23rd is replaced by Release window on Oct 19th

Planned Release windows 2021

  • September 7, 28
  • October 19
  • November 9

No releases will be done during the holiday shopping period (last half of November-December)

Planned Service windows

Last sunday of every month through 2021


Regular release – Implemented about 4 times a year, at these times the system is taken down for approximately 2 hours when the release is carried out.

Release window – Smaller adaptations that can be deployed outside regular releases. No downtime in the system.

Service window – Performed monthly. Mainly refers to server patches – the system can be taken down if needed. This is always informed in advance.


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